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Farrell, Rosenblatt & Russell
61 Main Street, Suite 1
P.O. Box 738
Bangor, Maine 04402-0738


61 Main St, Suite 1
Bangor, ME 04401

Office Hours

Mon - Fri:
8:300 AM - 5:00 PM


Directions to Our Office

From I-95 North




1. Take I-95 North to Exit 183 Hammond Street.
2. Take a right off the exit heading towards downtown.
3. You will go through 2 sets of lights and start to head downhill.
4. Slow down as you see the YMCA on your left and look for Columbia Street on your right (across the street from the Post Office).
5. Turn right onto Columbia Street.


There is one pay parking lot immediately on the left and another pay parking lot further down the street on the right immediately after the Columbia Street Baptist Church. (Free parking on the street is for one hour at a time, if you can find a spot.)


(Park in any spot in one of the pay lots and note the number of your spot. Walk to the machine at the entrance of the lot, punch in your lot number, and add enough quarters to cover the estimated time needed. Wait for the time to register on the screen and then press the green button for your receipt.)


Look for the mailboxes on Columbia Street by Northstar Photography between the two parking lots. Go in through the set of doors with the #52 and the handicap sign. Follow the FR&R signs - we are at the very end of the hallway in Suite 1.


You can also come in the building from 61 Main Street. We are in the Coe Building which is diagonally across the street from the Maine Discovery Museum on the corner of Cross Street and Main Street. The double doors are between the Antique Market Place and House of Brides. Just come straight up the first flight of stairs and Suite 1 is on your left.


If you have any questions or cannot find us, please call 990-3314.